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I am going to bring to you now a copy of our book The 21st Century Renaissance and Cancer Research. On page 119 the article World Peace and Human Survival by Reuniting Science with the Arts and Humanities - Concepts of Moral Law relevant to United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and United Nations Millennium Project by Dr of Law, Michael Byrne, was commissioned by UNESCO as a contributor to its mission. The article in our cancer research book contains a complete background evaluation of our Science-Art Research Centre of Australia's lead up to the following international recognition.

Please note that the institute appointed me as its Director of Science-Art Research during 1990. This data can be located on the internet by google search: The Institute for Basic Research Robert Pope, then scroll down to my listing.

Prof. Robert Pope, President
The Institute for Basic Research
Science-Art Human Survival
Neurological Research
Castle on Hill 90 Bonnydoon Road,
Uki, NSW 2484, Australia
Email: pope(at)science-art(dot)>
Initiated in 1990

In 1979 the Science Unit of Australian National Television included the Science-Art research of Robert Pope alongside that of 7 world famous scientists in its internationally screened series The Scientists-Profiles of Discovery. Pope’s section was subtitled Pope the Catalyst. On December 4, 2020 the International Science-Art Academy MAQ-IAMAQ endorsed by a scientific research division of the Republic of Italy recognized that Professor Robert Pope the Director of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia in Uki and President of Neurological Cancer Research, Institute of Basics Research in America, had resolved what can be considered to be the most important scientific discovery in the history of science.  It published that “ he discovered that the life force evolved to infinity rather than [obeying] Einstein’s thermodynamic law which requires the extinction of all life on Earth. To overcome this mechanistic system Pope, an artist as well as a scientist, had discovered that some of his paintings contain hidden information, saying holographic when viewed through asymmetrical electromagnetic glasses. This discovery is defined as “the visual collapse of the wave function described by Heisenberg’s indeterminacy principle.”

The importance of this is that Isaac Newton, later in life, researched Plato’s Science-Art medical science belief that flat plane geometry contained a hidden holographic human survival message. Newton’s colour wheel experiments linked subatomic colour particle movement to the process of gravitational forces associated with the evolution of universal consciousness. He realized that the destructive mechanistic atomic actions associated with the harmonics of sound and colour forces needed to obey the survival of the fittest law in nature must eventually comply with his 3rd Law of Motion. This law states that the destructive atomic force actions must bring about an equal and opposite neurological creative counterpart. While the destructive forces were needed within tribal science survival, now that DNA shows that human tribes belong to a single species dedicated to continually harm itself then Einstein’s law of human extinction simply becomes carcinogenic neurological disease dedicated to the deities of war rather that to Plato’s deities of health.

Pope was commissioned by supporters of the Nobel Prize UN World Food Project to paint a painting that the general public can see for themselves that holographic colour images located on the flat surface of a painting could demonstrate subatomic colour movement thereby resolving Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle.

The seriousness of Pope’s successful commission is important. During World War II Robert Oppenheimer was selected to develop the American nuclear bomb before Hitler’s scientist
Werner Heisenberg did so. Pope’s Science-Art discovery has been seen to demonstrate that modern science needs to break free from Einstein’s diseased culture of neurological electromagnetic aggressive cybernetic public indoctrination. As the father of cybernetic warfare Norbert Wiener declared, it is far more deadly than atomic warfare. Wiener advocated that society must develop Plato’s biological electromagnetic cybernetic Science-Art for the health of humanity rather that for it to await Einstein’s mechanistic law of extinction to achieve its destructive purpose. Unless Plato’s human survival logic to balance the forces of nature is developed then humanity’s new enemy, climate change will predominate.

During World War II the US military selected Oppenheimer to out-think Hitler’s atomic scientist Heisenberg in order to be the first build the atomic bomb. The very fate of the war and the future of humankind hung in the balance, just as it does now when the resolution to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is being globally ignored to promote the health of a collapsing global economy rather than upgrade the health of humanity in order to stabilize climate change.

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