Artists of Uki

Edward Bassingthwaigthe

Earthscape I

I'm inspired by the random beauty of nature, chaos begetting order. Timeless beauty of wrack and debris scattered at the tide line on a wind-swept beach. Trees glowing with wonder in the soft evening light. Rainbows swept from the fringe of surf. The wild power of storms flashing frantic actinic glimpses, thundering in the night. The substrates with which I work lead me - I never know what I'm doing, I'm simply in the moment, paint and pigments up to my elbows, layers of paper, ink, pigments, plaster, feathers, bark, wood - shaped, carved, deconstructed, polished and then finally complete. From sculptural pieces to subtle collages and abstract multidimensional landscapes, inner and outer; this is my work. Yet my work is play, child-like and timeless, messy and fun, a journey of discovery - painting life's threads out with my fingers, creating from my heart. This sacred earth, the interconnected web of life that we each tremble upon - so fragile, so ephemeral; this is the quiet echo you will hear when you gaze upon my work.

Marco Castro Cortes

The wave

I am a self-taught artist, and started drawing and painting from a young age. After finishing school in 1991, I was invited to paint with and study the techniques of the most successful painters in my home town, Chipiona, Spain, at that time. I studied painting informally under Juan Ignacio Sardi from 1991-1994, and under Julio Ceballos off and on from 1994 – 1999. As well as my local heroes I admired the Spanish avant-garde painters such as Picasso, Dali and Miro, and initially my style and subject was typically Spanish surrealist. After a year abroad, in the States and then Amsterdam, I began to appreciate expressionism. Painters such as El Greco, Munch, and Kandinsky started to influence me, and although my style retains a strongly surrealist feel it is less stereotypically surrealist and sometimes moves toward the expressionist realm.

Jacey Giesler

Untitled_Acrylic on canvas

The urge to create is intrinsic for me, the very way in which I move in the world… An energy, feeling or the ghost of a dream is where I find my inspiration.. As brush meets canvas in a cacophony of acrylic and layers and an avalanche of creative energy, I allow the piece its space to unfold.. In this way we collaborate, honouring the wisdom of the canvas combined with what my intuition wished to impart, growing together like spiralling vines as it flows.. I never know how the pieces will present until they emerge but I always feel what they will imbue.. I see them as ethereal markers or keys to other worlds.. Maybe even signposts to Timbuktu..

Kylie McCaffrey

Untitled_Ink on illustration board

My artwork is the result of an overwhelming desire to express my inner visual landscape. I have had a long-time fascination with semiotics and metaphor, and the images that emerge are visual metaphors, an important spontaneous solution during a significant inner process. Distilling the idea and visual image and bringing it into reality is taking the process of transformation deeper. My predominant theme is self-knowledge, and transformation, where an individual feels they belong in the world, and the surfaces we choose to show ourselves and the bridges we use to participate in it.  I work in a small range of mediums, pencil, pastels, inks and watercolour, and digital art. I draw upon the worlds of printmaking, poster art, art nouveau and nature, and my vocation as a graphic designer feeds my creative process.  From perfect, unmanifested ideas, we must dismiss control over our creations in order to give them freedom to manifest imperfectly in the physical world. It’s a way for me to interact with the world - and find out where and how I decide to make contact.

Cameron Pitcher

Summer Daze

The human is inherently a part of nature and not really in any way separate from it, yet somehow in humanities civilising process we have become enamoured with the self-reflection of our evolving consciousness. As a consequence we have learnt to feel and act as if nature is something that exits out there and not in us. But deep inside all of us lies a longing to be reunited with nature – to come home.

Approaches to nature hold within them the potentiality of experiences and encounters that can affect us in deep, personal and even spiritual ways that can lead to understanding and healing for both the environment we live in and ourselves. My photography attempts to explore our relationship with nature and to invite people to experience the natural world around them in a more personal and meaningful way.



Quentin Price

Sacred Grotto

Watercolour, pen and ink. 


Various prints available from Studio 5 at the Uki Butter Factory. 

Open Thursday - Monday 10 am - 3 pm


Amelia Reid

Loose Leaf manuscript

I am interested in the intersection of chance and intention, improvisation, intuition, interconnectedness, collaboration, land art, and perceived inner and outer ratios of domestication and wildness. Recently I have been exploring the possibilities of ephemeral public art, influenced by Dada and Zen in equal measures. I have been driven to create material drawings in domestic, urban and organic environments. I use items from nature or discarded manufactured materials, chosen for physical characteristics which lend them to make lines of a similar value as made by traditional drawing tools. Sometimes I make text inspired by stories of place to accompany these drawings. The timber components I use to make assemblages come from demolished houses from the Murwillumbah area. The household scenes that these items have witnessed as objects accompanying and sheltering life, and their wild origins in unidentified forests, are suggested in patinas of age and wear, but are ultimately unknowable. In my work I question possibilities encountered by removing frames - from accepted histories, relationships between one another and environments, and from creative modes - seeking an art practice without terms and conditions that may contribute to positive change.

Mari-France Rose

The Artists Life

Located in Uki, Northern NSW,  Marie-France is an active member of the  art community around her area, exhibiting her work locally and running creative workshops in sculpture for local artists, children and  enthusiasts. The French-Canadian sculptor  artist has lived in Australia for almost 30 years, mostly   in Coolum Beach and Byron Bay Uki and has travelled throughout the world.


I am a sculptor, principally working in clay as my favourite medium. My pieces are hand built. I work with slabs of clay gradually building the form to achieve the desired shape. These are then fired in a gas kiln to become my canvas. Oil or acrylic is used to produce the illusion of metal or vibrant colors.


At time I go directly to the clay and create a figure. At other times I draw an image and use it as my basis for the form. I always like to let the clay direct me. So in a way I collaborate with my material.


I have a strong interest in the energy of nature and the energy of the body.


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